NewsPress Release19 October 2022 – Blue Water EduFest 2022 Highlights

19 October 2022 – Blue Water EduFest 2022 Highlights


From beach clean-ups to freeing sharks and fish trapped in nets and more

  • The Blue Water Heroes Awards recognises and honours eco-heroes from Southeast Asia for their tireless ocean conservation efforts that inspire and educate the public to play their part.
  • The event is a platform for sustainability corporate champions to come together and draw upon each other’s knowledge and expertise.


SINGAPORE, 19 OCTOBER 2022 – The inaugural Blue Water EduFest 2022 organised by ONE15 Events Management (“ONE°15”), a subsidiary of SUTL Enterprise Limited (“SUTL”), is set to take place at the ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore from 3 to 6 November 2022. Its goal is to promote and raise awareness on marine and coastal conservation and to highlight the efforts of eco-champions around the region.

Is there hope for our oceans and coastlines? From organising beach clean-ups to freeing sharks and fish trapped in nets, Blue Water EduFest 2022 brings together all the eco-heroes behind various eco-conscious movements in an effort to unite and engage like-minded advocates. To be staged on 4 November from 7pm to 10pm, the Blue Water Heroes Awards showcases these individuals who have made a difference in their communities and the public by inspiring a wave of efforts to support sustainability.


Reinforce eco-efforts on ocean sustainability

To celebrate marine conservation efforts, the awards segment recognises individuals and organisations who have made selfless and significant contributions to advancing the protection and conservation of marine life and the environment in Southeast Asia. This also highlights innovative solutions to preserve coastlines and the communities they support. The three winners will be announced during the fundraising event on 4 November 2022, and each winner will receive a cash prize and additional benefits that will enable them to further develop their cause, including access to industry experts and more. The shortlisted finalists comprise of 10 individuals that embody the passion to further sustainability causes in their communities. It seeks to truly shine the spotlight on these eco-heroes’ achievements and show the public that anyone and everyone can play their part in marine conservation.


Community-based efforts

All finalists have inspired many in their communities and beyond to join them in their advocacy journey. Right here in Singapore, Samantha Thian is the CEO and Founder of Seastainable, a social enterprise that supports marine conservation in Southeast Asia. With community outreach at the core of her mission, she strives to build awareness on coastal conservation through beach clean-ups, educational workshops and events. With significant community support for their endeavours, Seastainable encourages companies to adapt holistic business and organisational policies in tackling issues related to marine conservation. 

Samantha Thian
CEO and Founder of Seastainable


Samantha Thian, Seastainable’s CEO and Founder, says, “Personally, I think the ocean plays a pivotal part of our lives – we rely on so much of our livelihood through what the ocean provides. I truly believe protecting our coasts, and marine environment will be a key and essential pillar in tackling climate change. I personally hope to see greater unity as an ASEAN nation in driving protective policies against illegal fishing, waste disposal in our environment and hope that different communities can collaborate even further to drive scalable impact! Blue Water EduFest 2022 is an amazing platform for like-minded, passionate people to get together to share and collaborate together, united through our love for the ocean.”

Similarly, Melati Riyanto Wijsen, has also taken the same approach in encouraging their community to stop single use of plastic bags. As the co-founder of the social initiative, “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” (BBPB), Melati and her sister started this NGO at just 11 years old and has since led the team to promote eco-consciousness through education, campaigns, engaging the community, and even involving policy makers on their initiatives. In 2020, Melati was an invited speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Both of these young and inspiring women have proven that passion and belief prevail over youth, and their work motivates the public to be part of this journey of ground-up advocacy of marine and coastal conservation.

Melati Riyanto Wijsen
Co-Founder of “Bye Bye Plastic Bags”


Melati Riyanto Wijsen, Co-Founder of “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” shares, “Growing up in the world’s largest archipelago, I know the importance of marine conservation first hand. Our oceans are the source of life and a strong foundation to creating an economy for millions. We must protect our oceans and work towards the goal of having 30% of it protected by 2030. I hope Indonesia can be a leading example for these Marine Protected Areas!  I believe that Blue Water Edufest can serve as a platform to help further marine conservation by bringing diverse solutions and people together, showing that there is not only a single way to protect our oceans. “

Beyond these, many of the other nominated individuals have also taken their marine conservation efforts to greater heights – whether it is through research on ecology and technology to increase scientific knowledge of what we can do, outreach and education, or helping to strengthen policies. Each eco-hero brings their expertise and efforts to the table with the same common goal of saving our waters and putting sustainability at the forefront.

Arthur TaySUTL’s Chairman and CEO, expresses, “I’m heartened to see the tremendous efforts made by these young and inspiring people who have created such an impact in their own communities and countries in a bid to save our ocean and coastlines. It takes a lot of courage, fortitude, and passion to fight for what they love and believe in. And I applaud all our finalists for showing the world that all it takes is a spark to light the hearts of many to make a change in how we care and protect our blue water.”   


Blue Water EduFest 2022

Beyond the awards programme, the four-day event will also comprise a nightly fund-raising event where proceeds of the ticket sales will go to beneficiaries such as WWF-Singapore and International SeaKeepers Society Asia. Also in the line-up is a Mini Sustainable Luxury Showcase by makers of electric vehicles, yachts and designer furniture, with sustainable initiatives and values.

The Blue Water EduFest will also feature a two-day conference, The Ocean Collective Summit (TOCS), which is The International SeaKeepers Society’s first conference to be held in Singapore. TOCS is a programme initiated by The International SeaKeepers Society in cooperation with Fabien Cousteau; the Founder of The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre and Proteus Ocean Group; and famed for his work as an Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer and Environmental Advocate. Cousteau will also be the keynote speaker for the conference. TOCS aims to gather thought leaders to educate, raise awareness and inspire action to be taken, and work collectively towards a more sustainable future.


More details of the event as follows:

Ticket Cost: SGD$380 (Sold separately and with ticket bundles available.) Purchase of fund-raising tickets will also entitle the attendee access to this meaningful yet exclusive night event anchored by different event partners each night, network with an influential community of ocean champions, advocates, complimentary free flow of drinks and artisanal sustainable food, as well as all public exhibits.

Ticket sales have started and are available online at Ticket bundles across the different components and days are available as well. Proceeds will go to WWF-Singapore, The International SeaKeepers Society Asia, and Blue Water EduFest which will be used to fund marine conservation efforts and future editions of the ocean conservation event respectively.

The deterioration of our coastlines and the polluted state of our waters are calls for help. Regardless of our individual roles, each of us has a part we can play to further this important cause. Our efforts to help spread awareness, or even adjust a minor habit in our lifestyle can go a long way and Blue Water EduFest 2022 seeks to be part of this journey in sparking dialogue and thought on the advocacy of marine and coastal conservation.


About Blue Water EduFest 2022
Taking place from 3 to 6 November 2022 at the ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore, Blue Water EduFest 2022 is organised by ONE15 Events Management (“ONE°15”), a subsidiary of SUTL Enterprise Limited (“SUTL”), and presented by Citi Private Bank.
The four-day event seeks to promote and raise awareness about marine conservation and to highlight the efforts of eco-champions around the region through nightly fund-raising events, and a Mini Sustainable Luxury Showcase by makers of electric vehicles, timepieces, yachts and jewellery, with sustainable initiatives and values.
Blue Water EduFest 2022 will also play host to the inaugural two-day educational conference, The Ocean Collective Summit (TOCS) which will feature a panel of iconic speakers across the scientific community, environmental agencies, and non-governmental organisations as they impart their knowledge on saving the oceans and coastlines. The conference is organised by The International SeaKeepers Society in cooperation with renowned Oceanographic Explorer, and Environmental Advocate, Fabien Cousteau.
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