About Our 2023 Sponsors And Partners

Private Banking for Global Citizens

Citi Private Bank is dedicated to serving worldly and wealthy individuals and families, providing customized private banking across borders. With around $500 billion in total client business, the franchise serves clients across 50 cities in over 100 countries.

Citi Private Bank helps clients grow and preserve wealth, finance assets, make cash work harder, safeguard assets, preserve legacies, and serve family and family business needs. The firm offers clients products and services covering capital markets, managed investments, portfolio management, trust and estate planning, investment finance, banking and aircraft finance, art advisory finance and sports finance.

Ecosystem-backed Venture Capital Firm

K3 Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital firm that invests in technology start-ups and partners with talented and visionary founders to create an ecosystem of collaboration and the foundation for creation of new market leaders. K3 Ventures supports meaningful sustainability efforts and initiatives.

Creating a Future Fuelled by an Entrepreneurial Spirit, Unceasing Courage to Innovate, and a Constant Quest for Execution Excellence

V3 Group owns a global portfolio of brands and businesses that spen the well-being, luxury gourmet, capital markets, real estate, and integrated healthcare services segments. Their diversified portfolio is stewarded by three business units – V3 Brands, V3 Capital, and V3 Assets.

V3 Brands spearheads the growth of iconic names such as wellness technology innovator OSIM, specialty nutritional supplements retailer LAC, and gourmet favourites TWG Tea, Bacha Coffee, and Le Cabestan. They also hold significant interest in private label food manufacturer Foodgnostics, cheesecake specialist Cat & the Fiddle, and traditional bakes and cakes retailer Old Seng Choon, as well as operate the retail fixtures specialist Futuristic. The growth of their other investment and real estate assets are driven by V3 Capital and V3 Assets.

100% Biodegradable & Compostable Solutions

Green Lab is Singapore’s first-ever one-stop eco-solutions provider. With over 200,000 sqft plant in Tuas, Green Lab houses both manufacturing and printing capabilities under one roof, producing top-of-the-line products within a shorter turnaround time. Being in a strategic location, the company is also able to deliver the finished product to the region with a lesser freight carbon footprint and cost.

As Singapore’s leading supply chain for 100% compostable or biodegradable range of products, Green Lab creates new and exciting possibilities for corporations to realize a sustainable future.

Producer of Grand and Concert-Grand Pianos Since 1981

Emmanuel & Sons towards eminence and acclaim, setting new standards for value and quality in the piano industry.

As the exclusive agent for FAZIOLI, Yangtze River, Wilhelm Grotrain, Upright and Grand pianos we proudly represent the finest names in the world of pianos. Additionally, we are the sole distributor of The ONE Smart Pianos and Classroom, the world’s leading innovative technology music curriculum. Practical evidence shows it to be the best approach for modern children learning music.

At Emmanuel & Sons, we craft more than pianos; we craft experiences that resonate with the soul of music.

Welcome to World Class

The Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group’s history dates to 1947 with the maiden flight of Malayan Airways. The airline was later renamed Malaysian Airways and then Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In 1972, MSA split into Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airline System. Initially operating a modest fleet of 10 aircraft to 22 destinations in 18 countries, SIA has since grown to be a world-class international airline group that is committed to the constant enhancement of the three main pillars of its brand promise: Service Excellence, Product Leadership, and Network Connectivity.

The World's First Coastal Waste Management Range

The Searial Cleaners is the world’s first coastal waste management range. We want to restore waters and shores for a pristine environment and have set to combat marine pollution. We have developed innovative, complementary green technologies to collect marine waste in harbours, marinas, lakes, and inland watercourses, as well as on sandy beaches. Assisted by technology, we’ll help to reduce pollution wherever it exists.

Supported by our community, we’ll do everything we can – through awareness-raising, waste categorization and education – to transform practices and mindsets. Make waste collection not the end goal but the starting point.

Stop wondering, start cleaning!

Encouraging Deeper Appreciation of the Beauty and the Fragility of our Ocean

Ocean Geographic is a not for profit organisation that explores the dynamics of our ocean – the source and cradle of all life on Earth and encourages a deeper appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our ocean planet with the use of the finest imageries and passionate essays of our ocean.

A World Renowned Cola-Flavoured Beverage

Pepsi, a world-renowned cola-flavoured beverage made to quench your thirst anytime, anywhere. Pepsi is bringing a new twist to its ‘bold taste, no calorie’ product.

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