Antoine Repiton-Préneuf

Antoine Repiton-Préneuf

Business Development Manager, Asia Pacific, The Searial Cleaners

    With a rich background in international development, Antoine Repiton-Preneuf has made his mark across diverse regions, including Southeast Asia, South Africa, and Europe. Antoine's career trajectory underwent a significant transformation when he recognised the critical importance of addressing environmental challenges, leading to a career shift that propelled him to join The Searial Cleaners, a pioneering French company specialising in cutting-edge robotics and drone technologies dedicated to safeguarding marine and coastal ecosystems. Currently based in Bali, Antoine holds a leadership position, overseeing operations in the Asia Pacific region. His primary focus is on the implementation of cutting-edge electric technology solutions tailored to the unique environmental needs of the region. Antoine's unwavering dedication to driving sustainability and preserving marine and coastal ecosystems shines through his professional journey, guided by core values that drive his commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact on our planet’s future.

    11:15 am - 11:35 am

    Keynote Lecture 11 – Tackling Plastic Pollution: Microplastic Mitigation: The Searial Cleaners’ Eco-Friendly Solutions In Asia

    Plastic pollution has emerged as a pressing global concern, with Asia at the epicenter of this environmental crisis. Amidst this challenge, a new wave of CleanTech companies is rising, offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions to combat the plastic menace. One such trailblazer is The SearialCleaners: it specifically addresses the insidious small and micro debris littering beaches and shorelines. Unlike traditional cleanup methods which are often reliant on diesel engine-driven tractors and boats, the SearialCleaners’ products and services are eco-sensitive – 100% electric and tailored to collecting microplastics while safeguarding local fauna and flora.

    Beyond mere cleanup, these solutions facilitate data collection and analysis, fostering education and prevention efforts. Collaborating closely with governments, NGOs, and corporations, they are on a mission to implement innovative and sustainable solutions that combat plastic pollution effectively. Be inspired by their dedication to preserving the environment and enlisting broad support – marking a promising step toward a cleaner, plastic-free future in Asia and beyond.


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